With 1.5 million square meters, NUCLEP stands out and impresses with its manufacturing capacity.

Located in the Brisamar neighborhood, in the municipality of Itaguaí, in the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro, NUCLEP covers an area of 1.5 million square meters and has a set of machine tools for machining, welding, calendaring and heat treatment unique in the country. With a cargo handling capacity of 600 tons, its main shed is composed of six sprouted bodies 200 meters long and 160 meters wide; the floor inside the factory is designed to receive up to 10 tons / m²; and the main access route for shipping products can receive up to 39 tons / m².



High capacity
for movement
and flow
of cargo.

Competitive advantage

Located in Saco de Coroa Grande, Municipality of Itaguaí RJ, close to the city port, the disposal of the equipment produced by NUCLEP is made by the private maritime terminal with a capacity of up to 1,000 tons, showing a competitive advantage for intermodal handling (road, sea and river) of indivisible and surplus loads.

In 2020, one of the great references of the Nuclep´s board's management by the CEO Admiral Carlos Henrique Silva Seixas, was the revitalization of NUCLEP's Private Maritime Terminal. This is a great triumph and differential for the company.

"With the new flow capacity, we have expect to increase our sales around R$ 1 million with our Private Terminal already in 2021. Our Port can support up to 1 thousand tons, in addition to presenting a competitive advantage for intermodal movement", explained the CEO, Admiral Seixas.


Channel width: 60 m; depth: 5 m;
Turning Basin: 200 m de diameter; depth: 3,2 m;
Mooring pier (platform and dolfin): system operation “roll-on-roll-off”;
Load capacity: 10t/m²; halter capacity: 50t;
Track width and load per axle: of 9 to 11 meters, extension of 3,3 km; 39t per axis;
Shipping capacity: blocks with up to 1.200 t.

Geographic location

The industrial park is equidistant from the main markets for large equipment, such as Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Minas Gerais. In terms of logistics, NUCLEP is in a comfortable situation, as it has its own private terminal; it is on the margins of BR-101 Sul (Rodovia Rio-Santos) and the Metropolitan Arch of Rio de Janeiro; in addition to being a few kilometers from the Port of Itaguaí, both for receiving raw materials and for transporting products with a capacity greater than its terminal.


NUCLEP has its own helipad with a landing and takeoff location.